From Beyond Azeroth to Sar Trek

Boldly going where plenty of others have gone before?

Ok, so it's a bit of a pun domain, but it's one I've owned for a year or two believe it or not, with the express intention of using it for a site exactly like this one. One that isn't World of Warcraft centred and goes beyond that into other subjects.

I have to say I'm still preferring using Publii to WordPress. Although the major downside is I can't update the blog while I'm on my phone, work laptop, or using Linux on my home PC for example, as all the local files are stored in my Windows installation on my home PC.

The fix to that might be using cloud storage as a repository for the "local" files, which would mean I could update from Linux as well at the very least.

But that's the only downside. Everything else has been a joy. Even updating the domain name for the site and all the internal links in Publii was a very simple 1 minute process.

In terms of bandwidth, I'm currently sitting at 0.2% of my free monthly 100Gb allowance on Netlify! So moving the WordPress site over might be an option, and have it sit on the current URL but point it at a new subdomain on Netlify.

That would save a few quid a month, but the current host, Krystal, has been one of the best webhosting companies I've used over the years. And given I've run a blog for over 25 years, that's a LOT of webhosts.

Man, I feel old now lol